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Getting an Auto Loan with Bad Credit

Bad Credit Car Financing Options in Surrey, BC

Financing a newer car or truck doesn't have to be a complicated process nor does it have to be confusing. Our trained team of credit advisors can explain the ins and outs of auto financing for those that have bad credit or no credit. With TMT Auto Finance you can be confident that you are getting competitive financing rates in Surrey. We offer flexible financing options that give you the financial freedom you want while making it possible to rebuild your credit while driving the vehicle you want.

Are you looking for a cheap car loan in Surrey or Langley?

Do you want to refinance your existing loan to get a lower payment or consolidate debt?

Looking for car loans for bad credit or no credit?

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TMT Auto Finance is your one-stop shop for car and truck financing solutions in Surrey. What we offer our customers is a comprehensive credit-rebuilding program whether you come to us with bad credit, low credit or no credit. We work with customers all over BC and have approved customers from across the Lower Mainland including Surrey, Richmond, Langley, Abbotsford and White Rock.

Do you have good credit?

Our used car and truck financing options will help you get low rate financing on your next vehicle. We can even work in extra money for consolidating other debts, home renovations or a trip of your dreams. We work with lenders including major financial institutions and private lenders in the area to secure the best rates possible, and we can offer very competitive rates because of the volume we do with credit institutions.

Do you have bad credit or low credit?

Our team of credit advisors are experts when it comes to financing for people that have less than stellar credit. We can offer a number of different auto financing options including bad credit, low credit car loans that will help get you back on the road and rebuilding your credit. We can make car financing possible for people with bad credit even if other financial institutions have turned you down in the past. Don't lose hope: apply for credit at TMT Auto Finance in Langley and get back on the road today!

Our Finance Process

Our auto loan approval process is simple when you get it explained by our team of credit advisors at TMT Auto Finance. There are 3 simple steps to getting the approval process started, and our team will guide you through the process when you talk to our credit advisors.

The first step is to define a budget and wish list for the vehicle of you want..
Fill out our online credit application, so we can get you pre-approved for auto financing.
One of our credit advisors will contact you to take you trough the next steps.

Once you are approved for financing, we can work hard to select the right vehicle by searching our inventory of more than 1500 cars, trucks SUV's and minivans. Once we finalize the details, we can make arranges to deliver the car to you personally or bring you into our Langley location to pick the car up.

Used Car Credit Application

Taking the first step towards your next vehicle starts now: Fill out our online used car credit application now and get on the road! A TMT Auto Finance representative will call you or email you to confirm details in your application and get to work securing you the best rates possible.

TMT Auto Finance has a few pro tips to help you through the vehicle purchase process:

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Maximize Your Budget

Whether your first time buying a car is now, or you've bought dozens in the past, we know that you want your budget to go as far as possible. These tried and true tips will also help if you have a low credit, no credit or a bad credit history:

1. Choose an Affordable Vehicle
While you might want to buy that new Range Rover or Mercedes, you may find that a Ford Focus or Honda Accord is more realistic for your monthly budget.

2. Put Down the Maximum Down Payment
By increasing your upfront down payment on the vehicle, you can not only reduce your monthly payments but also reduce the total interest that you will pay on your loan. If you have poor credit, this can also increase your chances of initial approval.

3. Trading in Your Old Vehicle
TMT Auto Finance offers a free used care appraisal service, and we can help your determine what your current vehicle is worth. Do you own money on your trade? We can help you with that as well and are often able to put any balance owing on your old car into the new car payment. Besides, there are advantages to trading in your old car as opposed to selling it privately as there are tax savings and less hassle.

4. Providing Accurate Information
To ensure that TMT Auto Finance gets you the best rates available to you, please try and be as accurate as possible in your car loan application.

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Your Credit Score

Your Credit Score helps a financial institution determine the risk in financing your purchase of a vehicle or other big ticket items. The higher the credit score indicates, the lower the risk, and makes it possible to offer you a lower finance interest rate. A credit score ranges from 350 to about 850 (the higher the number, the better).

Your credit score is calculated by using a number factors including whether you show a history of making payments on time, how much of your current credit is currently being used, as well as public records including collections bankruptcies and consumer proposals, etc.

Finding out your credit score is simple. Just visit either of the two major credit reporting agencies in Canada, and they will provide you with a detailed credit report it is free to request by mail but requesting your report online comes with a small fee:

Equifax (
TransUnion (

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